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Director's Message

The need of the hour is that our younger generation becomes cognizant of their role in shaping a new India which can have it's glorious identity in the global galaxy with radiant brilliance. They should not be swayed by the hedonistic glamour of the western life style. The cut throat competition and the glamour of the corporate world and a desire to lead an affluent life all this has thrown them into a blind race. They have to accept and realize that there are other things also important along with career.

If freedom is to survive, if democracy is to be preserved, if an efficient incorruptible and good government is to be firmly established, if the country is to develop and families are to be happy and harmonious, the youth of today must rouse themselves. Education is the best tool of women empowerment and keeping this aim in mind the Tagore Group established Girls College at Vaishali Nagar.

Shri. P.D. Singh
Principal's Message

You are welcome to Tagore P.G. Girls College. With a mission of empowering women and imparting quality education at higher level, Mr. P. D. Singh, Director of the Tagore Group of institutions established Tagore P.G. Girls College in 2004.I believe that women are the real architects of society. TPGGC will help you to broaden your horizon and giving a better understanding of the world through wider interaction.

It will be our endeavour to fulfil your expectations. We aim to create the ethos of harmony and interdependence with an environment around you that fosters tolerance of different point of view and to recognize and reward hard work.

Dr. Shalini Malhotra
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