M.Sc Chemistry
+ Quality Oriented Program Structure
+ Best Infrastructure
+ Strong Academy Industry Interface
+ Strategic Foreign Collaborations
+ Expert Faculty
M.Sc Chemistry (Previous)
Paper I Inorganic Chemistry
Paper II Organic Chemistry
Paper III Physicsal Chemistry
Paper IV Spectroscopy
Paper V (A) Mathematics for Chemists *
    (B) Biology for Chemists **
Paper IV Computers for Chemists
* For students without Mathematics in B.Sc.
** For students without Biology in B.Sc.
M.Sc Chemistry (Final)
Paper I Applications of Spectroscopy, Photochemistry and Solid State Chemistry
Paper II Bioinorganic Chemistry
    Bioorganic Chemistry
    BioPhysicsal Chemistry
    Bioinorganic Chemistry
Paper III Environmental Chemistry
Paper IV Elective Paper
Paper VI Elective Paper
Paper VI Elective Paper
The following alternative groups of elective paper are approved for M.Sc. II Yr course.
Group I Organotransition Metal Chemistry
    Bioinorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry
    Photoinorganic Chemistry
Group II Organic Synthesis-I
    Organic Synthesis-II
    Heterocylic Chemistry
    Chemistry of Natural Products
Group III Electrochemistry
    Analytical Chemistry
    Physicsal Organic Chemistry
    Chemical Dynamics
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