M.Sc Mathematics
+ Quality Oriented Program Structure
+ Best Infrastructure
+ Strong Academy Industry Interface
+ Strategic Foreign Collaborations
+ Expert Faculty
M.Sc Mathematics (Previous)
Paper I Advanced Abstract Algebra
Paper II Real Analysis and Topology
Paper III Differential Equations and Special Functions
Paper IV Differential Geometry and Tensor Analysis
Paper V Mechanics
M.Sc Mathematics (Final)
Paper I Analysis and Advanced Calculus
Paper II Viscous Fluid Dynamics
Candidates are required to opt any three papers given below
Paper III Continuum Mechanics
Paper IV Boundary Layer Theory
paper V Mathematical Programming
paper VI Mathematical theory of Statistics
paper VII Combinatory and Graph Theory  
paper VIII Integral Transforms and Integral Equations
paper IX Relativity and Cosmology
paper X Industrial Mathematics
paper XI Magneto hydrodynamics
paper XII Advanced Numerical Analysis
paper XIII Computer Applications
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